Date: January 30, 2007 "For Immediate Release"
To: General Public
From: Sheriff John P. McDaniel.
Media Contact: (850)482-9624
Subject: Officer Death Notice

It is with great sadness that we have to advise of the death of Sheriff John P. McDaniel's wife Mellie McDaniel and Deputy Sheriff Mike Altman with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office in Marianna, Fl. Tuesday evening, January 30, 2007, the Sheriff's wife was pulling into her driveway when she advised the sheriff that two men were following her and approaching her as she exited the vehicle. At the time she was talking to the Sheriff on the phone when she screamed for help. Patrol units were dispatched to the residence. Deputy Mike Altman was the first to arrive on the scene he was shot by two armed men. Moments later the Sheriff and two deputies arrived at the scene where a shootout with the two suspects ensued. Both of the armed assailants were killed. 


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